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 I’m a former public school teacher and millennial clean energy developer running to fix a corrupt system in Austin by passing real reform that expands political voice and choice in Texas. Bold reform is the necessary step to unlock progress and make a Texas where everyone, regardless of background, can have a shot at the American Dream.

unrigging the system

We need real reforms to unrig the system, such as banning current legislators from simultaneously serving as lobbyists as they serve, passing bold campaign finance reform ($500 limits for individuals as opposed to unlimited donations) to stop billionaires from buying our elections, and stopping politicians from enriching themselves with the public trust.

making our democracy work

We cannot solve 21st century problems with a 19th century political system. We need to consider new ideas like citizen-led referendums so we can put Roe v. Wade and universal backgrounds checks on the ballot, as well as ranked choice voting, to increase citizen-choice and voice. 26 other states allow for citizen-led referendums. Texas needs to be next.

stopping gun violence

The Texas legislature’s passage of permit-less carry has made Texans less safe. We need to pass expanded universal background checks to buy a gun, increase funding for mental health and jobs, increase the number of detectives hailing from local communities to raise abysmal murder clearance rates, and keep every community, no matter their identity or income, safe.

defending reproductive freedom

The Dobbs decisions is one of the worst decisions in the history of the Court. As the brother of an OB/GYN in a red state, Karthik understands exactly how devastating this decision is. We need to enshrine Reproductive Freedom into the Texas Constitution as a Constitutional Amendment, repeal the Texas abortion bans of 1925 and 2022, and establish universal pregnancy coverage for all Texans.

lowering health-care and housing costs

Every Texan deserves a chance at the Texan Dream, not just the billionaires.  We need to pass a 3% wealth tax on Texas billionaires to lower our property taxes and fund Universal Pre-K, our schools, Medicare for All, and a Texas where home ownership is affordable for every Texan. Passing Medicaid Expansion is an excellent step forward in the short-term.

climate change & keeping the lights on

Governor Abbott’s failure at Winter Storm Uri killed over 700 Texans, and his inaction on climate change endangers millions more. We need to weatherize all ERCOT generators so they stay online, connect ERCOT to neighboring grids to increase reliability, establish a Texas Green Bank using oil/gas royalty funds to bring green jobs to every Texan, get to net zero carbon by 2050, and much more.

Y'all means all: LGBTQ+ rights

Advocating for LGBT rights in Texas is a fundamental endeavor to ensure fairness and equality for all. LGBTQ+ rights must be protected against the onslaught of the Texas Legislature, and enshrine protections, such as the right to marry or rent into law, while also making harmful practices such as conversion therapy illegal.

A world class education for our kids

As a former award-winning HISD teacher, Karthik, firmly believes that every Texas child should have access to a top-tier education. He advocates for the following: halting the Texas Education Agency's reckless takeovers of school districts as seen in HISD; opposing SB 176 to protect public education voucherization; raising starting teacher salaries to $100,000, and fighting for universal pre-K.

compassionate immigration reform

Governor Greg Abbott's recent measures, targeting those fleeing persecution and violence from Central America and beyond, are deeply concerning to me. It's our responsibility to ensure Texas remains a beacon of hope and to hold leaders accountable for any misuse of power, especially when it jeopardizes the safety of those seeking sanctuary on our shores.

safe and regulated marijuana usage

Embracing a progressive stance on marijuana use is both an economic and moral imperative for Texas. Marijuana legalization will increase state revenues and lower the property taxes of working Texans, while also offering a path to expungement for those negatively impacted in the past by incarceration for simple possession.

people-centered transportation

Ensuring that Houstonians have accessible public transit is vital for our community's growth and prosperity. We need to speak up for fair funding, support high-speed rail, private rail growth, and give subsidies for e-bikes – all of these things enable eco-friendly mobility for Houston's future.

flood resilience: building a safer houston

Tackling Houston's pressing flooding concern is non-negotiable. Addressing Houston's flooding challenge requires proactive policies, innovative solutions, and collaborative efforts to enhance infrastructure, drainage, and land use; ensuring a safer and more resilient community for all.

criminal justice reform

In Houston, the call for criminal justice reform isn't just audible—it's deafening. Houston's demand for criminal justice reform is evident—enact the George Floyd Act, end harmful practices, address juvenile justice, and invest in mental health.

environmental justice

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has been captured by special interests and is failing Texans, slapping polluters on the wrist at the expense of public health. Every Texan regardless of income or ethnicity deserves an opportunity to breath clean air and live in an environment free of toxins and pollutants.

defending our democracy and voting rights

From Harris County elections to HISD to local government, democracy is under attack in every single direction. The overturning of HISD elections and placement of a past candidate who had lost a fair election onto the board was a terrifying precedent.

Karthik will not hesitate to defend our multi-ethnic democracy against those who seek to overturn it.

standing up for peace and human rights

Karthik will stand up for universal human rights. The state of Texas's motto is friendship, and we should act in a way to defend universal human rights.

Animal Welfare

As a rescue dog dad, Karthik will stand up for the human treatment and policies for all animals

AI Regulation

As new technology emerges with the introduction of AI, Karthik has a plan to regulate and embrace these advances.