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Karthik’s Family

Meet Shivani

Shivani and Karthik met at the Yale School of Management and instantly connected on both being from Texas and having education-focused careers. Shivani has always felt that the educational opportunities she got in her life comes with a responsibility to create similar opportunities for the millions of girls around the world who face huge barriers to their education, and she is so excited to fulfill this calling as the Senior Director of Development at Technovation. Shivani is a vegetarian and an ice cream lover. She enjoys all things music, and one of the reasons she fell for Karthik was his melodious voice! Another thing they have in common is a love for travel, through which they can learn about the histories and cultures of diverse places and people. Karthik and Shivani tied the knot in 2020 with a small at-home ceremony, but then celebrated post-COVID with friends and family - who are the most important gift in life!

Meet Bhoomi

My name is Bhoomi, and I am a large breed dog - about 70 pounds, so a pretty big girl!

I was rescued by a shelter after being found wandering the streets in bad condition, and then I was adopted by my wonderful humans - I call them Mommy and Daddy. I am now almost 6 years old, and I have been living with them for almost half of my life.

However, I have to admit that I can be a little scared of new strangers. Some humans didn’t treat me very nicely before I met my loving Mommy and Daddy, and it made me nervous of all the new humans I meet. It takes me some time to build trust with people I don't know, but once I do, I am a very loving dog. I like to cuddle up with my humans and give them lots of nuzzles. I've come a long way from my days on the streets, and I'm so grateful for the love and care that my parents have given me. I can't wait to see what adventures we'll go on next! And of course, when the next piece of cheese will come my way!