• 7 Elected Officials

  • 15 Community Members

  • 6 Precinct Chairs

  • 16 Organizations

We are building a coalition that looks like SD-15 with Anglos, Latinos, Black folks, AAPIs, LGBTQ+ folks, and more, and we are just getting started!

Photo of <p>Ro Khanna</p>

Ro Khanna

Congressman for California's 17th Congressional District

Photo of <p>Staci Childs</p>

Staci Childs

Member of the Texas State Board of Education District 4

Photo of <p>Holly Flynn Vilaseca</p>

Holly Flynn Vilaseca

Former HISD Trustee and Houston City Council At-Large Position 2 candidate

Photo of <p>KP George</p>

KP George

Fort Bend County Judge

Photo of <p>Zohaib "Zo" Qadri</p>

Zohaib "Zo" Qadri

Austin City Council Member District 9

Photo of <p>Pastor Terrance Hall</p>

Pastor Terrance Hall

Pastor of Kingdom Builders Cathedral Church

Photo of <p>PLÁCIDO GÓMEZ</p>


HISD Trustee District VIII

Photo of <p>Rev. Leslie Jackson</p>

Rev. Leslie Jackson

Senior Pastor and Chair of Deacons at St. Peter United

Photo of <p>Aparna Shewakramani</p>

Aparna Shewakramani

Bestselling author of She's Unlikeable, and the breakout star of Netflix's Indian Matchmaking.

Photo of <p>Gordon Quan</p>

Gordon Quan

Former Houston City Council Member and Immigration Lawyer

Photo of <p>Farrukh Shamsi</p>

Farrukh Shamsi

Former Vice Chair of The Texas Democratic Party

Photo of <p>Ashley Cheng</p>

Ashley Cheng

Texas DNC Representative, Founder of Asian Texans for Justice and Human Rights Advocate

Photo of <p>Howie Klein</p>

Howie Klein

Writer of the progressive political blog, DownWithTyranny!, founder and treasurer of Blue America PAC, and member serving on the board of directors for the Progressive Congress Action Fund

Photo of <p>Sarah Syed</p>

Sarah Syed

Chair of HCDP Senate District 7 and HCDP Congressionals District 38

Photo of <p>Mohammed "Jazz" Aijaz</p>

Mohammed "Jazz" Aijaz

SDEC Member of SD-17, Jazz is a champion for uplifting the voices of the AAPI, South Asian, and Muslim communities and inspiring young voters

Photo of <p>Ben Chou</p>

Ben Chou

Voting rights advocate, Vice Chair of the Mayor's AAPI Advisory Committee, and former candidate for Harris County Commissioner Precinct 4

Photo of <p>Raj Salhotra</p>

Raj Salhotra

Executive director of Momentum Education and former City Council Member At Large Place 1 candidate

Photo of <p>Stephen Miranda</p>

Stephen Miranda

Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors of The Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce and Former Board Member Of The LGBTQ+ Caucus

Photo of <p>Johnathan Miller</p>

Johnathan Miller

Former SD-15 Chairman and Head of Democratic Outreach

Photo of <p>Sophia Saenz</p>

Sophia Saenz

Former Candidate for South Houston Mayor

Photo of <p>Jeff Watters</p>

Jeff Watters

Former secretary of The Houston LGBTQ+ Caucus and co-chair of LAMBDA Legal Houston Leadership Council

Photo of <p>Swati Joshi</p>

Swati Joshi

Cofounder of They See Blue Texas

Photo of <p>Maria Adediran</p>

Maria Adediran

Harris County Democratic Precinct Chair 827

Photo of <p>Richard Prudencio</p>

Richard Prudencio

Harris County Democratic Precinct Chair 694, Labor Rights Activist, and Community Organizer

Photo of <p>James Magown</p>

James Magown

Harris County Democratic Precinct Chair 268, Human Rights Activist, and Community Organizer